Commonly Asked Questions

Is this app only for hearing-impaired children?

No. We made this app for hearing-impaired children, but anyone can use it. For example, you can study a foreign language with this app or use it to study at school. Please use it freely.

Is there a charge to use the app?

At the moment (April 2020), all features are available for free. We also plan to continue to provide free basic functions for creating original teaching materials. However, we are considering providing paid content in the future, so please check the announcements in the app and the homepage for details. Packet communication charges may be required separately when installing the app.



App Features

Can I edit images with this app?

There is no function to edit images in this app so please edit your images with another application that can edit images, and then load your edited images into this app.



What should I do if I have a question about "Vocagraphy!"?

First, please read "Manual," "Example" and "FAQ" on this site. If your question is still not answered, tap the "Menu" button on the app and select "Contact" or use the "Contact" on this site to contact us using the form provided. Please allow 3-4 business days for our reply.